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Legal Workflow provides law firms with expert assistance in developing case management systems, business process improvement and legal IT consultancy.

We have developed workflows for Residential Conveyancing, Probate, Personal Injury, Family and Debt Recovery, all adapting and building upon out of the box case management packages.

Additionally, we have created case management applications afresh for Civil Litigation, Crime, Employment, Wills, LPAs, Declarations of Trust and Commercial Property, where there was no standard application in the incumbent practice management system.

We are constantly creating new workflows and evolving existing ones to equip firms with the maximum in efficiency. All case management applications can be tailored to your firm's precise needs and style.

Martin Langan

Case management applications

The company was founded by Martin Langan, a solicitor with vast experience in private practice, who is nationally known for work with legal technology.

Martin first started using case management in 1997 to meet his needs as a busy practitioner and has since then developed expertise in writing bespoke case workflows for clients of most of the UK legal software companies. He advises firms on IT strategies, business process improvement and selection of legal software, including online options.

Andy Mckelvey

Civil Litigation

Andy Mckelvey brings to Legal Workflow superb software development and integration skills. He has devised and delivered impressive innovative solutions, both within and outside the legal profession.

His experience of database integration is being deployed in a number of Legal Workflow projects and the team is constantly working on new ideas, transforming them into valuable tools for our clients. Andy also has considerable experience of legal practice and case management development. As Senior Software Developer, Andy is at the heart of the cutting edge products and services that Legal Workflow is bringing to the legal market.

Neil Harrison

Civil Litigation

Neil has a thorough understanding of what lawyers need from practice management systems and business information, having implemented and configured systems for a wide range of legal practices. A non-practising lawyer and qualified project manager, Neil has consulted and developed legal workflow systems for both law firms and legal software suppliers giving him a unique perspective on the resources required to transition a successful implementation project into an ongoing success.

In supplier selection, he works with legal practices to put an objective and robust supplier selection model in place to identify the pain points in the business, quantify their requirements and identify the potential return on investment. As well as project managing the initial implementation, Neil is keen to add value throughout the entire life cycle of a practice management system, working with clients to put in place their own ongoing internal system development ‘Roadmap’ according to priorities and available resource.


Business analysis

Why do you do what you do, and why do it in the way that you do? If the answer is, “We’ve always done it that way” you probably need to check whether this is still appropriate today, as failure to do so can leave you trailing behind your competition. We can analyse your business processes and advise on improvements to help make it easier for your clients to use your services, and make you more efficient and more profitable. Be prepared to be challenged!


Having looked at your processes, it may well be that they need re-engineering so as to make it easier for your clients to use your services, and make you more efficient and more profitable. This exercise will involve your honest appraisal of how things are done, who does them, and whether the status quo is justifiable or should be changed. We will lead you through this process and advise on where we consider changes should be made and why. With your approval, we will then engage with you and your colleagues to re-engineer your business processes for the benefit of you and your clients.


Workflow should be at the heart of your operation. You may have acquired a practice and case management system many years ago, but are either using very little if any of its capability or it may not have been kept up to date and therefore fallen into disuse. Alternatively, it could be that you have never used workflow to produce your work. Either way, you will not be working as efficiently as you could and this will be reflected either in your being too expensive to be attractive to clients, or your being unprofitable. We have great experience in customising workflows provided by case management suppliers and even writing workflows afresh, particularly where your supplier has not produced a workflow for a particular area of work. The benefits of good workflows are found in the ability to do more work with less effort and expenditure of time and resources. Workflows can also be used to ensure compliance.


Your practice management system is likely to have reporting capability, but you might find that you spend a long time analysing their content. Excel is a powerful tool for report analysis, but the expertise required is hard to come by. We can tailor any reports that you produce in Excel, so as to present, filter and automate analysis of data to match your requirements. Automated analysis can also include automated emailing of reports to such recipients as you require, at the touch of a button.

Online services

Your clients will increasingly demand online capability. If you cannot deliver online services, significant numbers of your clients will look to those of your competitors who do interact in this way. We offer an online data capture platform, which enables online questionnaires to be produced as an addition to your website, branded for you, and containing logic that enables only relevant questions to be asked of your client. The responses are sent to you in such format as you require, so that you can either import the data into your case management system, or, where this is not made possible by your software provided, direct to documents production.

Online data capture is often thought of as a means of incepting clients and new matters, but these processes should also be used for obtaining instructions throughout the life of a matter. Whenever you would normally send a client a questionnaire, you can now send a secure link to your data capture page so that the client can input the answers and send it to you. Examples include, Will and LPA instructions, property information, MoJ Portal claims, divorce instructions and debt recovery. Not only will you benefit in terms of efficiency and therefore profitability, but your clients will be pleased to do business with a cutting edge firm.

Making Your Documents Look Beautiful

Many people struggle with aspects of using Microsoft Word and businesses can find it difficult to produce consistent, on-brand documentation. Particular problems include inconsistent paragraph numbering or application of styles within merged documents, all of which we can fix for you.

We can also enhance these templates with customised ribbons and functionality tailored to individual requirements. They give easy access to the styles that people should be using within a document and allow you to lock down styles and functionality that people shouldn’t be using, ensuring more consistent documentation. Additional functionality can be added to the customised ribbon, such as the ability to:

  • insert or re-format tables and charts to a predefined corporate style
  • insert landscape pages
  • automatically re-format numbered paragraphs to ensure consistent numbering
  • automatic population of tables or charts from external sources such as Excel files
  • provide buttons for inserting commonly used content with a single click

Most repetitive, time consuming documentation tasks can be automated, saving users time and giving more consistent results. If you have tasks in Word that are a constant frustration to you, we can generally find a better way to do it and take some of the burden of using Microsoft Word away, leaving you more time to focus on the important stuff.

We can also apply this magic to Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.


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